Our Story

Genesis Style is a South African Designer label for women, proudly manufactured in Cape Town. Our label is focused on empowering women, using fashion and design to draw people to Jesus Christ and allowing women from different backgrounds to experience modesty in fashionable style.


The Genesis story

The Genesis Style story is as captivating as it is encouraging. The brand was birthed after the founder had heard from the Lord, concerning her future plans, which led her right to the very beginning, the book of Genesis. “For many years it was very important for me to understand where everything started”, the founder enthusiastically shares. The Genesis Style clothing label is much more than a ‘bright idea’ or a spark of inspiration.  

Now you may be wondering what the very first book in the bible has to do with modesty and clothing. The answer is simple: EVERTYHING. After Adam and Eve got caught up in sin, in the garden of Eden, they were left exposed and vulnerable to the darkness of the world. Scripture teaches us that they find themselves in a position where they chose to completely defile themselves, after God warned them about the impending danger in the garden, still God Himself decides to clothe them with animal skins, to conceal them from the wrath of their sin.

 And the Lord God made for Adam and for his wife garments of skins and clothed them. Genesis 3:21 

This implies that a sacrifice was made for them to be clothed in this manner, in this instance an animal served as the sacrifice. Even through their disobedience, God chooses to go ahead and protect them from the exposure of their sin, by clothing them. 

Why is it so important to dress modestly?

The way we choose to clothe ourselves acts as a window into our character and what we intend for others to see. More than that, clothing ourselves modestly glorifies God. No matter what we prefer or how the world chooses to label us, choosing modesty sets us apart and draws people to more than just our bodies or physical nature. This is exactly the message behind the Genesis Style brand. It is possible to have a ‘passion for fashion’ and modestly so. 

The brand is one that empowers women from all walks of life, with all kinds of stories to walk in the victory of God, fully clothed in His righteousness. This means considering all aspects of our lives from our passion to our fashion.

 Modesty is a choice, we intentionally make daily.