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Meet Grant, our Dispatch Manager

Today we would like to pay tribute to the woman that raised this self-sufficient man!
Meet Grant, our Dispatch Manager ​
​Grant was raised by a single mom, who equipped him to be self-sufficient. She was a woman of order and liked everything to be clean and neat (this explains where he gets it from). As a young boy, his mom would call him to help with the cooking, which in fact became one of Grant's greatest hobbies. Besides being a good cook, Grant is very adventurous and loves meeting new people.
​His career in the clothing manufacturing industry s​tarted as a carpenter​ in a factory​ after finishing high school​. He then ​joined Genesis Style not knowing anything about clothing and began as an all-rounder doing whatever was needed to assist the women in the factory. Today he is our ​Dispatch ​Manager, ​and ​overseas the finishing department yet so humble and always ready to help anyone wherever he can.
Praying everyday is one of the things Grant does to remain motivated. He also shared how the women in the factory motivates him daily by doing their craft and always being keen to show him how to do what they do.​ ​When we asked Grant what he sees himself doing next, he said "I like being here because when I start​ed​ at Genesis Style ​I​ felt immediately welcomed and felt like ​I​ w​as​ part of the family.​"
Grant 's mom raised a fine, respectable and very teachable man!
And we trust that as we grow as a business, he will grow with us too. ​